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What Does Probiotics Have To Do With Osteoporosis?

June 11, 2017

In my book, “Boosting Your Immune System”, I discuss the importance of Probiotics. It’s essential for the immune system. But how does this relate to Osteoporosis?

There was a medical study done on female mice. The mice had their ovaries removed in order to simulate postmenopause. The mice were then split up into two groups.

Group #1 was given a Probiotic, whereas Group #2 was not. The mice were evaluated after one month. After one month what they found was that the mice that were not treated with Probiotics lost half of their bone density. The study concluded that probiotics can be used as a therapeutic strategy for postmenopausal osteoporosis.

A drop in estrogen causes greater permeability of the gut, which in turn signals cellular processes to decrease in the immune system. This results in a reduction in bone density. The study proves that probiotic supplementation supports the immune system which in turn allows cellular production – including Osteoblast cells. The outcome is the prevention of bone loss.

This is why taking a high quality probiotic is critical for bone health. Want to learn more about my specific nutrition and supplement protocol for increasing your bone density naturally?

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