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What Are The Chinese 5 Elements?

October 29, 2015

5-elementsWithin the heart of the Tao lies the theory of the 5 elements. Their use is very diverse and spans from healing to understanding human relationships. It is a tool that works well for adjusting ones lifestyle to better suit the individual needs to the body.

The basic premise of the Taoist 5 element theory is that we all are more attributed towards one of the five elements and lacking in others. This is powerful information to know about yourself and your body. It can help you understand what your needs are, why you do the things you do and why you think the way you think.

The 5 Chinese elements are: Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth. Each element is represented by a specific color, by specific emotions and each element is physically associated with an internal organ.  Keep reading to find out more about each element and discover how this affects your life and relationships.

WOOD: Wood is depicted as the ‘giver’ and the first element in the life cycle. Sometimes wood is represented as tree. It is associated with the liver and the color green. If you are primarily the wood element you have a strong desire to love and give fully to others no matter what the cost. You are great communicators, usually extroverts and love being around other people. You also have a tendency to be messy — think of a tree and how it grows with the branches spawling out in all directions.  If you lean towards wood you have a tendency to do the same, the closets, rooms, desks are never big enough. The opposite element of wood is metal (see below). People who have too much wood energy are characterized by giving so much they become exhausted, tired and depleted. Sometimes when a person has too much wood energy they can become angry or bitter. To balance wood energy do activities that require planning, organizing and that give you structure. Clean a closet, organize your files, get up early and plan out your day, create a to do list.  A structured Yoga class, practicing a Qigong sequence or Tai Chi set are great activities for wood.

FIRE: The fire element is male (Yang) energy. These are your “getter done” people. They have a ton of energy and most others have a difficult time keeping up with them. The fire element is associated with the heart and the color red. If you are primarily the fire element you may be prone to using stimulate effects such as coffee or rigorous exercise to activate the adrenal glands. Fire people love to take risks, live life to the fullest and usually stay up until wee hours of the morning. They love to laugh and they usually are joyful. The risk of being a fire person is burning the candle at both ends and then getting ‘burned out’ early in life. Sometimes when a person has too much fire energy they can feel hate. The opposite of fire is water (see below). If you lean towards fire do some activities to calm the mind and body — guided meditations, gentle and Yin yoga classes are excellent activities for fire.

METAL: If you are prone to the metal element you love organization, structure and having a plan. Metal is the opposite of wood. You are usually very smart and work with your mind. Many metals have jobs in management and / or government. The metal brings order, has a great deal of will power and determination. They never give up! The metal element is associated with the lungs and the color white or silver. When dealing with stressful situations a metal person will want to be alone and figure things out for themself. They have a great deal of courage. Too much metal and others will think you are anal retentive, even on vacation you have a strict schedule that at times may drive others (especially wood) crazy. To balance out metal energy do creative activities and be spontaneous. For a day don’t have a plan, don’t look at the clock, get out in nature for a hike or partake in an art project. Sometimes when a person has too much metal they have a heavy heart and feel grief or depression. Doing a free flow yoga or qigong class are perfect exercises for metals.

WATER: Water is depicted by the kidneys and the color blue. When you think of water you think calming and adaptability. This is true of water people. Water is female (Yin) energy. Water is the philosopher and scholar. You contemplate, love to meditate and read. Usually you are characterized as wise and have patience with yourself and others. You can be introverted and enjoy being by yourself. The opposite of water is fire.  Too much of the water element will cause dampness in the body, you feel cold and have cold hands and feet.  Sometimes a person who is too much water will feel fear. Water people have a tendency to want to sit too much.  More physical activities will help to balance water energy, such as Hatha or Flow Yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training).

EARTH: Earth is characterized by balance and harmony. The theory of the Chinese 5 elements is that you cultivate your personality until you are balanced in the four elements mentioned above. An Earth person can run a marathon, sit in silence for hours in meditation, they give and receive freely and can accomplish anything or nothing. It represents true balance of Yin and Yang energy. Earth type people are usually warm, kind and supportive. They have a great deal of empathy for others and sometimes can be overprotective. Carrying the World on your shoulders can sometimes be the concern with Earth people, they may worry about life, others and situations. Practicing gratitude and having an inner knowing that the Universe is taking care of you and supporting you can be helpful to relieve this emotion. Yoga and Qigong are great activities to practice if you are Earth.

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