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This Vegetable Builds Strong Bones, Chases UTI Infections and Prevents Cancer

June 6, 2017

Do you know what vegetable builds strong bones, chases UTI infections and prevents cancer?

If you guessed CUCUMBER you would be RIGHT!

The skin of the cucumber has a high cucurbitane content… which is one of the most anti-cancer phytochemicals in our foods. Mice injected with cancerous cells were 60% less likely to develop cancer if they consumed hight levels of bitter juice derived from cucumber. Enzymes cut offthe “food supply” to cancer by inhibiting glucose transport. this study was done in December, 2014 by the University of California.

One tool to build strong bones is incorporating cucumber into your daily diet. The skin of the cucumber has phytochemicals that increases the production of osteoblast cells. There is also evidence that these phytochemicals are involved in the synthesis of collagen and bone matrix mineralization.

Cucumber is more alkaline than any other food and will chase out UTI infections by changing the PH of the urinary tract. Eating two cucumbers in the morning will make it harder for bacteria and fungal colonies to thrive.

Cucumbers work well in green smoothies because of their mild, fresh taste. They also are great in salads or slice as a snack during the day.

The skin of the cucumber is loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Organic is highly suggested to avoid any coating or pesticides.

You might want to try my grandmother’s Classic Cucumber Salad as a great way to incorporate cucumber into your diet.

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