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This One Herb Increases Metabolism and Boosts Immunity

June 19, 2017

In the 13th century, Queen Elisabeth of Hungary claimed that at 72 years of age, crippled with gout and rheumatism, she had regained her beauty and strength by using rosemary…to such a degree the King of Poland proposed marriage to her!

Rosemary is well known as a stimulant to enhance poor blood circulation and is recommended in cases of low blood pressure. This herb has incredible healing properties and is one of seven primary herbs Jeff Primack uses in his Food-Healing system.

Three Powerful Phytochemicals
There are three phytochemicals in rosemary that can increase metabolism, help with depression, boost immunity especially for those suffering from allergies.

The three phytochemicals are Ursolic Acid, Rosmarinic Acid and Carnosic Acid. Let’s take a closer look at these phytochemicals.

Ursolic Acid
Ursolic Acid reduces obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver disease by increasing skeletal muscle and brown fat. This was proven in a clinical study on mice in 2012.

Carnosic Acid
Carnosic Acid is a well-known antioxidant found in the leaves of rosemary. In fact dried rosemary contains about 17% carnosic acid. In a medical study using different rosemary phytochemicals, carnosic acid caused the lowest cancer cell viability in all the testing.

Rosmarinic Acid
Rosmarinic acid is found in many herbs, besides rosemary it is also present in sage, mint and basil. In a clinical study results showed rosmarinic acid was an effective intervention for allergies.

NOTE: It is not recommended you take these phytochemicals as a supplement. It takes very little for your body to receive the benefits. Rosemary is easy to grow, include it in your garden, use fresh rosemary in salads, teas and seasoning vegetables and soups.

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