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The Importance Of Digestive Enzymes

November 28, 2020

We all know the importance of eating healthy… why? Because this is where the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are located.

But eating healthy is only part of the picture. Our body must be able to absorb the nutrients for optimal health.

Our stomach secretes digestive enzymes…AND starting around the age of 40  they begin to diminish.  There are naturally-occurring enzymes found in some foods that help to facilitate nutrient absorption and improve digestion, however, for many of us it may be important to take a digestive enzyme prior to eating meals to support your body and help with digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Having enough of these enzymes is especially important if you have gastrointestinal problems– which can lead to many health issues. Gut health comes first — it is the foundation for attaining a healthy body.

Digestive enzymes offer an effective and natural way to support your overall health. They ensure the nutrients in your diet get absorbed and can then be utilized by your body. Digestive enzymes help your body break down the food you eat into nutrients you can absorb.

For those of you diagnosed with low bone density, did you know that a gastrointestinal disorder may have been one of the reasons for your bone loss.

In a recent article in the Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology indicated the following:

“The unique aspects of gastrointestinal diseases associated with osteoporosis include early onset of disease (and, therefore, prolonged exposure to risk factors for developing osteoporosis, particularly with inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease), malabsorption, and maldigestion of nutrients necessary for bone health and maintenance (eg, calcium, vitamin D), as well as the impact of glucocorticoids. These factors, when added to smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, hypogonadism, and a family history of osteoporosis, accumulate into an imposing package of predictors for osteoporotic fracture.”

The bottom-line: Supporting and improving digestion is critical in taking control of your health.

There are many varieties of digestive enzymes. When looking for a digestive enzyme I suggest you find one that includes: Protease, Lipase and Amlyase.

Protease enzymes break down proteins in food to their component amino acids.

Lipase enzymes break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol, which the body can absorb and use.

Amylase enzymes break down starches and sugars, turning complex carbohydrates into simple sugars.

By finding a digestive enzyme that has all three will ensure your body gets the combination of nutrients it needs to build and maintain a healthy body.

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