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Surrender and Trust the Universe

October 29, 2015

UniverseDid you know that fear is the only thing that is standing between you and your experience of love? The ego searches for and finds any and everything it can do to latch on to and make you fearful — this my friend is the great illusion! The ego has created a false-self, one that is vulnerable and easily attacked. We get so preoccupied by these fears, continuously pointing to an endless number of things that seem to be out of our control.  When you dissect any situation, anything you are having difficulty with, when you boil it down… it ALWAYS comes back to one thing… FEAR.

On the spectrum of emotions fear is on one side and way, way over on the other side is what?  LOVE! Love is the opposite of fear. The great illusion is we think we are afraid of this thing or that thing, when in reality there is only ONE THING we are afraid of — LOVE. Did you know you, yes YOU, are Love?  So in essence we are afraid of our Self.  The Higher Self.  What a paradox!

So how to we change this? How do we get rid of the fear? How do we love our Self — our Higher Self? How do we love who we truly are?  How do we even find our True Self?  … so many questions! You can search for years and years, you can read countless books, you can study with Masters and Guru’s, you can go live in an Ashram… and still you may not find the answer. Through all this searching, eventually you get tired — really tired! You’re tired of not only searching for the answer, you get tired of defending yourself, tired of hiding behind something you are not. At some point it becomes so tiring there’s only one thing left to do — SURRENDER!

When you  finally surrender is when something magical happens! A miracle — you give it all to a Higher Power. This Higher Power goes by many names, God, Universe, The One, Allah, the name doesn’t matter. What matters is that you surrender all your fears and worries and give it to this Higher Power.

How long will you continue to muddle up your life before you finally realize that there is One who knows exactly what you need to do and who is willing to guide you? You want to believe that you have the answers (ego), when in reality all you are doing is complicating things. You are wasting a lot of energy trying to figure it out on your own. Admit it, admit that you don’t know what’s best for you and that you only have a limited perspective. It is impossible for you to know everything in this Universe and the role you play. Simply said — Surrender and Trust — trust that the Universe has your back. You are supported. There is a divine plan and you are a part of it.

You might think Surrendering and Trusting means not having control over your life. Remember, you have free will, you always have a choice. Because you always have a choice then it is easy to make decisions. Ask yourself, “Do the choices I make create joy and peace or do they create conflict? If your choices bring feelings of joy and peace, then you are on the right path.

Here’s an analogy: You’re standing at the edge of a river, you can choose to stand on the bank or you can get in the boat and go on a journey. Your choice — you make these decisions every day of your life. When you need to make a decision ask yourself, if you choose to get in the boat is this going to bring joy and peace into my life and the lives of others?  Go with your “gut” or first feelings, this is your Higher Self telling you what to do.

If you choose to get in the boat. Now what do you do?  Do you paddle upstream, resisting the current, tiring yourself and getting no where? Or do you choose to allow the current to take you down the river effortlessly?  After getting in the boat, stop trying to manipulate and fight the flow! Instead, allow the Universe, the Divine, to carry you. Miracles occur naturally when we are in the flow. A miracle is nothing more than the spontaneous expression of your Divine. When you release your fear and relax, miracles happen all around you.

The river teaches you everything you need to know. The water follows and trusts the current. It doesn’t try to direct itself but allows itself to be pulled easily and naturally. When there is what appears to be an obstacle, the water follows and trusts the current. The water moves around, under, over, it finds a way to continue because it flows with the current. The current knows where it is going. The water is called by what is greater –this is what happens in our lives when we surrender and trust the Universe. We allow the Divine to lead us along to the fullest, happiest expression of our Self.


  1. Scott Woods says:

    Thank you for this beautiful lesson. It really made my morning. This just seems like our natural way to live, yet it seems so elusive. I wish I could uncondition my thinking. I’m 50 years old, and nothing has ever changed in my thinking. Always negative and depressed. I’ll try to meditate on this. Thanks again

    1. Cindy Bartz says:

      Hi Scott, thank you for your message. Yes meditate on this, also during the day when you become aware of a negative thought find a way to change this into something positive.

      Here’s an analogy for you: There was a man who only had one pair of shoes, he was depressed because he saw so many other people with more than one pair of shoes… then he saw a man that was poorer than him. His shoes were very worn out and had many holes in them. The first man was grateful that his shoes were warm and were in good shape. Little did he know the man with the worn out shoes was also depressed because he couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes. This man then met a man who didn’t have any feet. The man with the worn shoes was grateful knowing that his situation could be worse. The moral of the story — we can always find someone worse off than we are, finding the silver lining in all situations and being grateful, knowing you are blessed and acknowledging that can turn your negative thinking into positive thoughts.

      It all starts with being aware – my teacher always tells me, your first thought is “free” … it’s what you do at that point that matters. Are you going to engage in the negative thoughts or will you make the choice of finding the positive? Have a blessed day!

  2. Nina says:

    Pretty nice post. I just arrived after your blog and wished to admit My spouse and i have really enjoyed looking your blog posts. Following all I am subscribing to your rss feed and i also hope you write again soon!

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