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Remain At Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

September 13, 2016


This past week I experienced an incredible gift, a miracle and want to share it with you.

This past Thursday afternoon I was struck by a car who pulled out and crashed into my driver’s side door. I am fine — absolutely no injury to me or the other driver and no other cars were involved. This accident was a GIFT — and I truly mean that.

When a car comes crashing at you chaos can ensue. Certainly unexpected, shocking, a whirlwind of emotions can arise quite quickly…. yet as this happened I remained totally at peace and felt so protected, I became a witness, unattached with no rise in any emotion.

During the 4-6 seconds this took place I intuitively, deep within knew there was nothing to be afraid or fearful of. It was like I was watching this on a movie screen. I drove my car slowly to the side of the rode as did the other driver, we both got out and made sure we were ok, the other driver called the police.

I calmly went back to my car and for about 3 minutes sat with my eyes closed meditating and doing some deep, slow breath work. When I opened my eyes and looked in the rear mirror I saw the police had arrived and was talking to the other driver. I was so calm through the entire event. Why am I sharing this with you?

This event showed me how far I have come in my practice.  It was a testiment to truly living each and every moment as a witness, remaining calm and practicing inner peace amongst chaos. This is what I practice and teach every day. This is not about pride, but about “awe” — awe-inspiring, about witnessing a miracle unfold. The event was an incredible gift and I am so grateful for learning, practicing and teaching non-attachment. 

Though you may start a practice of yoga to get in shape or to tone up, the practice is much more than simply getting on your mat a few times a week. Practicing non-attachment on the mat, learning to witness the chaos in the mind while holding a pose can be taken off the mat and into your daily life. We never know what’s around the next corner, life is going to have unexpected events which can trigger negative emotions. By practicing this on the mat you will be better equipped to practice these techniques off the mat. And that is a gift, a miracle in action!

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