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With continued practice, the wisdom of Qigong comes to light!

With continued practice, comes the healing power of Qigong!

This program will teach you entire Level I Healing Form. I suggest practicing the new movements (Modules 1 – 9) a little bit everyday. Once you have practiced the movements and the breath you are ready to put it all together — Module 10!

Module 10 will become your daily practice. The video for the Level I Healing Form includes a short warm-up and the complete Level I Healing Form.

When To Practice

Traditionally Qigong is practiced in the morning, this is when the Earth’s energy is the highest. It’s also a great way to begin your day. But if this time doesn’t work with your schedule don’t worry about it. Practice when it is most convenient for you.

Take the 30-day Challenge!

Whether you choose to practice in the morning or another time of the day, I challenge you to do the Level I Healing Form for 30 consecutive days.

When I first learned Qigong, I was challenged! I missed a few days, but for the most part I did it … and I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt. Minor aches and pains went away, my body felt stronger and more flexible and I felt more optimistic about life. My intention for you is that you too experience the many benefits of this practice.

Also included in this program is a bonus 5-Element Meditation, this meditation is specifically designed to heal your body from the inside out. It’s also great for anxiety, reducing stress and insomnia.

Qigong is an easy to learn, yet a powerful practice.


Module 1: The Stance

Start Here…Learning the correct posture and stance is critical to ensure the energy can flow freely in the body.

Module 2: Feel The Qi

Qi is the Chinese word for energy. In this module you will learn different movements to feel the energy or life force in your body.

Module 3: Earth Hands

Earth Hands is one of the easiest Qigong movements to learn. It will help balance your energy, great for reducing stress and clearing your mind of chaos

Module 4: Cloud Hands

Learning and practicing Cloud Hands is beneficial in healing your internal organs, especially your heart and lungs.

Module 5: Empty Force

Empty Force incorporates the 3 Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen) and is one of the oldest movements recorded and taught by the Masters. It cultivates, purifies and intensifies the energy in your body.

Module 6: Push Hands

Push Hands is working in the lower back and kidneys. You will be gathering energy in one palm and then sending it to the other. It is wonderful for blood circulation in the hands and up into the arms and shoulders.

Module 7: Around The World

Ancient Qigong practitioners have used this type of practice — which involves ball making rotations — for thousands of years. Around The World helps to improve digestion.

Module 8: Closing Procedure

The Closing Procedure involves the lower Dan Tien and tells your body that your practice is complete and to seal the energy within the lower Dan Tien. In this module we also review all the moves for the Level I Healing Form.

Module 9: The Qigong Secret Handshake

The very last step within the Qigong practice.

Module 10: Putting It All Together

The complete Level I Healing Form, includes a short warm up. ENJOY Your Practice!

BONUS: 5 Element Meditation

A 30 minute Guided Meditation incorporating the 5 Chinese Elements. Water/Kidneys, Wood/Liver, Earth/Spleen, Metal/Lungs and Fire/Heart. Beneficial in assisting the body in overall healing and balancing your energy channels.