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Module 5


Learn what foods to eat and what supplements to will take to build healthy, strong bones.

Download the Nutritional and Supplement Guide

Reading the above guide, you will learn:

  • The importance of a PH diet
  • What foods are alkaline — bone friendly
  • What foods are acidic — limit these foods in your daily meals
  • What supplements are part of the bone building protocol
  • The amounts for each supplement to take
  • Suggestions on where to purchase your supplements and brands you may wish to use

Once you have downloaded the above guide and read the information you are ready to configure and customize the amount of supplement(s) to meet the protocol amounts.

To accomplish this:

  1. Download the 2 worksheets below – one is an example, the other is used to configure and calculate your EXACT protocol amounts.
  2. Gather ALL supplements you are currently taking.
  3. Start filling out the worksheet.

Supplement Amounts Needed Worksheet

Supplement Amounts Needed Worksheet – EXAMPLE

Below are two charts to help you with meal planning. Print these out and use them to plan meals that are bone friendly and to ensure you are getting the nutrients needed to build healthy, strong bones

Download the Alkaline and Acidic Food Chart

Download the Bone Friendly Food Chart

It is suggested, on an annual basis to request the following blood tests from your doctor. This will ensure you are not over-loading or under-loading on specific supplements. Over or under-loading will defeat the purpose of the program!

Download the Suggested Blood Test Document