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module 3


 Learn my Osteo-Blast Method and Primary Series, Version A

This section includes several files, for best results, to ensure you are doing the routine correctly and without injury complete this module in the following order:

1. Watch The Osteo-Blast Method video.

2. Watch the Primary Series, Version A – 30 minute video.

At this point you will begin doing the series every OTHER day. Do this for at least 2 weeks BEFORE learning Version B.

For your convenience, this module also includes an audio/MP3 file you can use once you learn the sequence. Feel free to download the file onto your phone, MP3 player, iPad, iPod, etc. That way you can practice anytime, anywhere!

This module also includes a document explaining each of the stretches and poses that you can download and print.

The Osteo-Blast Method

Begin this module by learning about my Osteo-Blast Method. Once you have watched this short video you will be ready to learn my Primary Series – Version A.

Primary Series – Version A

30 Minute Video

Start here to learn the Version A series. It is an excellent way to practice along with me and to successfully learn the sequence.

The video gives you very detailed prompts for how to successfully move into each posture safely with correct alignment. The video holds each pose for 30 seconds and demonstrates how to move out of each posture correctly to prevent injury.

Primary Series, Version A

30 Minute Audio

Download the MP3 – audio onto your smart phone, ipad, ipod or other player as a convenient way to practice anytime, anywhere!

Download The 30 Minute Audio – MP3

Primary Series, Version A

Explanation of Each Exercise

Download The Document

I encourage you to download the Daily Check-In Sheet. This is a great way to track your progress!

It includes every single day of the year. Each day you do your exercise routine write the Series Letter (A or B) in the date you completed.

Download The Daily Check-In Sheet – Track Your Progress!


Remember when getting started you will practice the Primary Series, Version A every OTHER day… I challenge you to do this for the next two weeks.

You will begin to feel strong, have better balance and flexibility. You will then be ready to learn the Primary Series, Version B.