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Letting Go Of The Egoic Mind

February 28, 2016
“The ego asks a thousand questions for which there are no answers.”  ~ A Course in Miracles

A miracle - course in miraclesWe fear everything: failure, success, poverty, money, loss, love…the list goes on and on. When meditating, practicing yoga, qigong or tai chi, do you bring your fears with you?  Are you worried about the day, potential situations, disappointments or confrontations? If you are starting a practice you may fear the spiritual side of the practice. If you are practicing with others in the room, you may be wary of the stranger next to you, what is he/she thinking, does my hair look ok, do I have on the right clothes, etc. If you have had a past injury you may fear reinjuring the area of concern.

In A Course in Miracles we are told, “The ego asks a thousand questions for which there are no answers.” In other words, do we allow ourselves to be continually distracted, engaged and entertained by the ego with it’s mindless, insidious chatter?  Are we plagued with doubts and self-defeating criticism? Or can we step back from all this and allow ourself to be in the present moment, finding stillness? Practicing meditation, yoga, qigong and tai chi all have one thing in common — it is the practice of stilling the mind. You are either practicing stilling or you are practicing non-stilling — which are you practicing?

When you become aware of a thought can you step back, disengage? Can you bring your attention inward and become totally captivated by the sensations in your body without labeling good, bad, right or wrong? When you practice in this way you are practicing stilling the mind – the true essence of the practice!

Today, when you practice, see what happens when you stay in the present moment; let go of the questions, set aside your fears, judgments and self-defeating criticism. Set aside the planning, strategizing and organzing… the thousands of questions the ego is bringing to you. Instead breathe, step back from the thought and bring your attention inward. Practice stilling the mind and after your practice feel the difference. You will have cultivated inner peace.

Once you begin practicing this on your mat can you then take this practice off the mat? When those fears come up during the day, take a nice breath in, step back and know that the Universe has your back, that everything will be ok. Let go of the egoic mind and the thousands of questions for which there are no answers.

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