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How To Start A Daily Activity and Stay Committed

March 28, 2016

sending-gratitude-to-the-universeFor optimal health and well-being it is critical you get some sort of activity and movement each and every day. Find at least one activity you enjoy doing, that way it will be easy to stick with and it will naturally become part of your lifestyle. If you are dragging your feet and not looking forward to the activity determine first if it is the right time of the day. It works best to do some sort of activity in the morning, at least a 15 minute walk, perferrably 30 minutes. But for some doing 30 minutes in the morning simply does not work, ask yourself if there is a better time for you.

The secret is to schedule it into your daily calendar. Treat it as the most important appointment of your day! Take this seriously, like your life depended on it… because frankly it does! As a health and fitness professional every day I see and consult with people who have neglected themselves at the cost of their health and livelihood. In many cases, neglecting themselves not only deteriorated their health, it also negatively impacted them professionally and damaged their personal relationships.

Don’t skip a day, do something for yourself every day! You are worth it and you deserve it. Many people will think this is selfish, but not taking care of yourself means you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself. You believe everyone comes before you. This thinking will perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle, lead to over-extending yourself, becoming more stress out, living a chaotic life and can lead to a lifestyle that is out-of-control. You are only one person. You are enough, ask for help, learn to say no (nicely) and say YES to yourself. Your family, friends and co-workers will appreciate it, they will see a shift in your way of being and you will begin to feel happier. Life is for living!

Start scheduling an activity everyday on your calendar. Keep in mind you might have more time in the evening. There are two key points I am making:

  • Discover at least one activity you enjoy doing
  • Schedule it on your calendar

Ready to get started? Find a time of the day that will work best to schedule 30 minutes of an activity you enjoy. If you are new to getting daily exercise simply do 15 minutes a day for a week, the second week add 5 minutes, the third week add another 5 minutes, and then by week four you will be up to 30 minutes a day. Start scheduling it today and within four weeks it will have become a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth.

After 4 weeks ask yourself how do you feel, better, more energized, sleeping better? These are only some of the side affects of getting a daily dose of activity. Comments? I’d love to hear from you what stops you from being committed to a daily activity. And if you are committed to a daily practice or exercise routine, what are your tips you can offer others?

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