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Here’s A Great Way To Manage Stress

February 15, 2016

Managing StressThere is an ancient technique and practice you can start learning today to manage stress in your daily life. Even though this is a very old practice, it works great in today’s busy, chaotic, hectic world. The technique is a yogic practice called Pratyahara (Pra-tee-a-har-a) and it’s fairly easy to learn. I should warn you… there is a side affect with learning this technique — you will create unique solutions to the point of a stroke of genius.  Intriqued?  Keep reading….

Pratyahara allows you to bring your attention inward and withdraw from all external stimuli. If you hear laughing, crying, a car screeching it’s tires, etc. you pay no attention to this. You do not engage or entertain. Each time your mind begins to wander (SQUIRREL!!).. bring your attention inward without labeling good, bad, right, wrong.

Instead of engaging and getting drawn into the drama of whatever is happening in the external world, you begin to draw your attention inward. You become a witness, the observer of your body and mind. You see what is happening around you in the third person.

Here’s an analogy that will help you. When you watch a movie, you are witnessing what’s going on with the characters, the drama unfolds, you can relate, but there’s a part of you that knows it is not real and you have distanced yourself away from the situation that is being played out. Use this same approach in your daily life.  When situations come up during the day, instead of getting sucked up into the drama, become a witness – as if you are watching a movie.

Practicing this technique during stressful situations can literally change your life. It doesn’t mean you are complacent or non emotional or don’t care. It simply means you do not get caught up in all the drama. You will be amazed in how distancing yourself will actually help you with the situation. By not getting emotionally drawn in, you remain objective. This objectivity allows you to come up with creative solutions and the ability to trouble shoot effectively.

The more you practice this technique the easier it gets. You will not only experience less stress in these little dramas that play out during the day, you will be amazed that over time how quickly you can think outside the box (because you have not boxed yourself in) and come up with incredible and unique solutions that at times will literally be a stroke of genius. NO KIDDING! The reason this happens is you are not drawing from the past to find a solution, by becoming a witness and withdrawing from the drama, your mind is free to create from nothing.

To practice this technique start practicing on little things… like standing in line at the grocery store, waiting at a red light, etc. After a few weeks start moving into more complicated situations, your internet goes down in the middle of the day, an employee comes to you with a situation. Remember it takes time to learn anything new and to form a new habit. At first when a stressful situation comes up you will get sucked into the drama… as soon as you realize and become aware you are being drawn in, then you simply back away from it. Take a few deep breaths, withdraw from the emotionally charged feelings and reset your mind. Then begin to become the witness – watch and listen as if you are watching a movie and see what happens to your stress level. With consistent practice you will become an office guru!

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