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Calcium – How Much Is Too Much?

June 5, 2017

Are You taking Too Much Calcium?

If you’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia I’m sure it’s already been recommended that you start taking a calcium supplement.

1500mg was what doctors recommended in the past but what you need to know about the latest medical study is the correlation of heart disease and high amounts of calcium.

The study showed that people taking large amounts of calcium as a supplement had an increase risk of heart disease. The calcium calcifies in the arteries, causing blockages. Since this medical study, many doctors have changed their recommended daily dosage to 1,000 mg…. but here’s the deal.


There is a 12 year medical study that included over 77,000 women nurses between the ages of 35 – 59. The study was to research the effects of calcium as it relates to hip fractures. There were two groups of women that were studied. Group #1 took 400 mg per day of calcium, Group #2 took 1,000 mg per day of calcium.

After 12 years of studying these two groups, Group #2 (the one taking 1,000 mg per day of calcium) experienced 104% MORE hip fractures than Group #1!  YES – 104% MORE Hip Fractures.


The reason is that too much calcium DECREASES the number of Osteoblast cells (these are the cells that produce new bone) produced in the body.

This is why it is so important to know, understand and apply a specific nutrition and supplement protocol in order to increase your bone density. My protocol incorporates a PH – Alkaline diet – AND very specific supplements that help the body to produce MORE Osteoblast cells in a shorter period of time. Calcium is not the answer.


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