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Because Everyone Needs A Little Extra Love


Guided Meditation For Insomnia – Audio

Insomnia – We all experience it. Caused by additional stress, situations or a conflict in our life prevents us from sleeping at night. The mind continuing to race and not knowing how to calm it. This 30 minute guided meditation will help you to relax both your body and mind.

Download it on your phone or other device so it is handy and available when you are having difficulty getting or staying asleep.


Yoga For Hormonal Balance – Video

No matter what your age… from the time you begin puberty until you are past menopause, your body functions optimally when your hormones are in balance.

This 30 minute gentle, restorative  style yoga practice works with the water and fire energies in the body. It balances the kidney and heart energy channels to regulate your hormones.

This video is great to use to cool your body down, calm the mind and to reduce stress and anxiety.

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