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Welcome! My name is Cindy Bartz, I’m a traveling yogi and musician, offering classes, retreats and events in movement and music to heal the mind, body and spirit.

My Signature Programs include Yoga For Musicians and Yoga For Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally. 


My intention is to support you on your journey to improve your health and well-being. At a very young age I began studying music and in my early 20’s became interested in health and wellness.  Early in my career, 1983 to be exact, I managed a health club and became a personal trainer and fitness instructor.


I started playing the clarinet in 1968 and earned a Music Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 1983. Since 1968, music has been an important part of my life.

In 2020, I began learning Native American Flute music. Music has the power to heal us emotionally, mentally and physically can help us to overcome challenges in our life.


My yoga journey started in 2004 to heal my body from a biking accident. Since 2012, I have been helping clients with limited mobility regain their health. In 2017, I created a program to Reverse Osteoporosis. This program has helped hundreds of people.

combining the practice of yOGA & Music to heal the mind, body & spirit

I began offering special yoga events with live music in 2021. The yoga practice is restorative in nature, using gentle postures with passive stretches. While remaining in gentle postures mellow, inspiring music is played. This has been very healing for my students.

From my own experience, practicing specific yogic breath techniques, I discovered an increase in lung capacity and breath control – this not only has helped my immune system and overall health, but also as a musician.

Specific yoga postures and movements have helped release tension in my body, including my shoulders, hands and fingers, which has helped my posture, agility and finger dexterity as a musician.

Research has shown yogic breath work and the practice of yoga nidra have helped reduce stress. My performance anxiety has become less of an issue and my yoga practice has helped me as a musician to stay focused under pressure.